Hi. I'm Bhaskar.
Sharepoint Developer and Tech Blogger

I develop Sharepoint solutions and frequently write at my tech-blog Tech Charm. And I also do some graphic design work for myself.

My works

Being a tech-blogger by hobby, I write very often on my site TechCharm. Here is a small gallery of my works which include some graphic work, blog posts on which I really take pride of.


Viji Bhas

My Typographic Mirror

My blog: TechCharm


About Me

Ofcource I am also bad at writing "about me" but I'll try. So I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate fond of technology and thus here I am coding Sharepoint solutions to my company and writing tech posts on my blog. With aspiring entrepreneur ideas lemme see where I go.


You can say hello from any of the below ;)
I'm just a tweet away from you.